Expand Your Horizons in Tottori

Expand you itinerary by adding Tottori!

Tottori Prefecture is full of unexpected natural wonders that are worth a visit.

Check out the land of Tottori, and the popular destinations there!


Mizuki Shigeru Road

Mizuki Shigeru is the writer of the famous horror comic “Gegege no Kitaro”. With Tottori being his hometown, they have dedicated a road to him where all his monstor┬ácharacters that we all love, linger. From statues, artworks to shops, you will find the street to be a little street of adorable horror. See more here.



Mount Daisen

Daisen is a mountain range with a beautiful cliff. Mount Daisen is home to many natural habitats and wild flowers. Mount Daisen is a good hike trail, and can be enjoyed all year round. Spring is for wild vegetable hunting, summer for camping, autumn for autumn leaves, and skiing in the winter.



Tottori Sand Dunes & Sand Museum

Who would have thought Japan has a desert? Yes they do in Tottori with camels too! The sand dunes also comes with a Sand Museum with sand sculptures, known to be the only one in the world.



Misasa Hot Springs

Along with the Misasa river, there are ryokans (Japanese inns) and the world leading radium hot spring called Misasa Hot Springs. The water used at the Misasa hot spring has been known to cure diseases, neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disease. The Misasa hot spring/ryokan facility also has a very old game centre, and a shrine.

misasa onsen


Uradome Coast

A coast full of transformed cliffs. Reckognised as a national designated scenic spot and natural monuments.



Ryujin Cave

Two caves facing the ocean, that is internally connected. You can hear the roars of the waves, and the beautiful sea blue that is seen around the cave has impressed many over the years.

ryujin cave


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