From Mainstream to Underground in Osaka

Osaka is a major tourist destination for travellers coming to Japan. Osaka is definitely a vibrant city like Tokyo, with its’ mix of tradition and modernity. However, Osaka is also very different and has a distinct culture compared to the rest of Japan. It’s a known fact that the people, the style, cooking in Osaka is all very different. But you won’t know until you go!

From mainstream to underground, here’s all the things you should do in Osaka!

Osaka Castle

Let’s start with a major tourist attraction, the symbol of Osaka, the Osaka Castle. Built in 1583, Toyotomo Hideyoshi built the castle during his prime, the castle was such an impressive establishment to the people of the time.

osaka castle

Entrance to the castle is from 9AM to 5PM. During April’s cherry blossom season and then Golden Week, summer break, the entrance is open till 7PM. The castle’s park is open 24hrs.


You will know you are by Dotonbori when you see the big Glico sign above you, the river beside you, and all the shops around you. This is where all people gather, take pictures, eat Osaka’s gourmet like okonomiyaki, and shop!



Universal Studios Japan

Osaka has a Universal Studios too! What’s more, they also have “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” which is a great attraction right now.

Kuromon Ichiba Market

Osaka has its’ own fish market too.¬†Although not a major attraction, it is recommended to those who enjoy the local culture and some good seafood.



Kuchuu Teien Observatory

See all of Osaka from the observatory of Umeda Sky Building. The beautiful urban landscape has also been chosen in “the 100 sunsets of Japan.”

Opening Hours: 10AM ~ 10:30PM





Yoshimoto Kogyo Nanba Co., Ltd. Nanba Grand Kagetsu

Osaka is the home to comedy in Japan. If you are interested in Japanese popular culture and a few laughs, this is the place to go. At Nanba Grand Kagetsu, there is a stage performance from beginners to professionals, and some Japanese traditional comedies called “rakugo”. Since this live entertainment, the place can get pretty crowded!

Opening Hours: 10AM ~ 10PM


Sumiyoshi Taisha

The general headquarters of the 2300 Sumiyoshi shrines of all Japan, is in Osaka. The Sumiyoshi Taisha attracts many people throughout the year, and is also considered a power spot.

Opening Hours: 6AM ~ 5PM




The urban oasis, Nakanoshima. There is a river running down the middle, with the city surrounding it. The rose garden is especially pretty, among the many flower beds.



Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is one of the seven temples built by Prince Shotoku. It’s very easy to access from the city.



And don’t forget, when in Osaka, you must eat takoyaki!



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