Local Charms of Nagasaki

Nagasaki is a great destination if you are in Kyushu, and full of nature, history, and entertainment. As much as you should definitely see all the main Nagasaki attractions, there are some local charms that are harder to find in guide books. Take the route less taken with us!

Yunomoto Onsen

Yunomoto Onsen is a 1500 year old hot spring facility in Nagasaki. The historical value of this hot spring has made Yunomoto Onsen a national treasure. Just like all hot springs, Yunomoto Onsen is also very beneficial to healing the body. Enjoy the history of Japan while soaking in the natural waters from the volcanic mountains!




Ondake Shrine

Up until the Meiji Period, people could were not allowed to climb the mountain to enter the Ondake Shrine, and that is how precious the area was. There is a big rock in the shrine premises, so holy that a compass cannot point in any way.




maybe eat some sea urchins on the way



Tsutsukihama Beach

Chosen as one of Japan’s 100 beaches, Tsutsukihama beach shines beautifully with thin white sand and a calm tide.




maybe eat some oysters on the way


Chiwata Station

Chiwata Station is a train station, where you can see the most famous beach of Kyushu. The station was built in 1928, and is such a quaint little old station with an extraordinary scenery as if the train is running on water. We think this is where Miyazaki Hayao got his idea in the scene of “Spririted Away”, when the girl is on the train.

Chiwata Station

Chiwata Station



Shimabara is a city in Nagasaki Prefecture that is rich in nature. There is the Unzen hot springs where they say the natural hot waters are coming from hell, and is such a sight to see with steaming rocks and ryokan in the area.


Shimabara also has it’s castle, built since 1618.


You can ride the ferry to discover neighbouring areas, and enjoy the beautiful landscape.



Maybe finish off with some shrimp 🙂



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