Keeping cool in the Japanese summer

Japan is currently going through one of its hottest summers in recent memory. While it is still completely safe to travel during this hot weather, safety must be the number one priority, particularly staying hydrated. It’s common for temperatures to reach the low 30’s every year during the Japanese summer, so how do Japanese people stay cool? Here’s a helpful guide.

Make full use of Conbinis!

On every busy street in major cities a conbini (convenience store) is always a 5-minute walk away. These stores have every amenity available for staying cool in the summer. Everything from chilled soft drink, ice cream of all flavours, cool gel packs and umbrellas to shade yourself from that glaring sun.

Japan’s conbini culture makes the fight against the summer heat that much more winnable.

Don’t forget those Vending Machines

On the off chance that you’re unfortunately not near a conbini you can bet that you won’t be too far from a vending machine where you can buy a refreshing drink. Japan has the worlds highest number of vending machines with over 5.5 million dotted around the country from city high streets to middle of nowhere roads. Unlike many vending machines in the UK, all of Japan’s vending machines are chilled, meaning you’re not buying a lukewarm drink that’s gone bad in the heat, you’re buying a chilled drink that will immediately quench your first. These are definitely a life saver when your travelling in more rural areas in the summer heat.

Air Conditioning is a god send!

Japan is probably the country that utilizes air conditioning the most efficiently in the world. All underground trains and stations in Tokyo and other cities are fully air conditioning making commuting much more bearable in the summer months unlike cities like London whose aging underground has next to zero air conditioning for its suffering users. And its not just underground trains, trains across the country from speeding bullet trains to small rural trains have air conditioning, with some even giving you the option to travel in a strong air-conditioned carriage or light air-conditioned carriage.

And it’s not just transport. All modern housing and buildings come pre-equipped with air conditioning units so you’ll be able to cool off in any building that you decide to take a breather in away from the heat.


Collect those free fans!

During summer months you’ll often find staff in streets handing out free fans to people with advertisements and promotions on them. You might end up walking with an advert in your hand all day but having these fans provides your own breeze, which is especially convenient when you’re out in the exposed sun.

Buy some Japanese summer clothes

Japanese men’s go-to-choice for what to wear to keep cool in the summer is the “Jinbei”. This traditional garment while mostly used indoors is often seen being worn during summer festivals with many people taking advantage of their breezy material and can be bought in most traditional Japanese clothes shops and even big international department stores such as Don Quijote.


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