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Kaiseki dinner

Kaiseki-ryōri, the famous traditional Japanese multi-course dinner, is an experience in itself. Reserved only for special occasions, the succession of small dishes brings back the simplicity and subtle taste of the Buddhist meal. Representing the highest form of culinary experience, kaiseki is the Japanese version ...Read More

Japanese tea

Green tea is a traditional drink in Japan. Japanese drink tea (cha) on many occasions: with meals, during tea time or when hosting guests. Tea ceremony is the expression of tea appreciation, a social ritual. Green tea is divided into three main grades: gyokuro, ...Read More


Learn to make these authentic Japanese dumplings which can be filled with meat or vegetables. Gyoza is one of the most popular Japanese food. If you like Japanese cuisine you must try these delicious dumplings. Ingredients: 150g minced pork meat 1 spring onion 200g ...Read More

Hidden alleys of Tokyo

If you want to eat and drink like the locals, these traditional alleyways shouldn’t be missed. Packed with old taverns bringing back the forgotten days of Showa Era, the maze of streets is often crowded with tired salary-man in search of the long-awaited-after-work beer, ...Read More

Japanese studying with French Dining

Bistro Mirey is a Japanese/French fusion restaurant where traditional Japanese cuisine meets the elegance of French dining. Located in Fulham, London and just a short walk from the District Underground Line. This bistro has not only become the neighbourhood French restuarant of its neighbourhood ...Read More