Autumn in Hakone

There’s something about Hakone that just sparks the interest of every traveller, and no wonder the city is gaining more and more attention, especially during spring or autumn. The cherry blossom or autumn foliage are definitely the views that attract hordes of tourists, making ...Read More

Halloween in Japan

Famous for its festivals and cosplay events, Japan couldn’t miss October’s most important celebration. Halloween has been renowned around the globe for centuries, rapidly gaining fame even in countries where the celebration was “not a thing” up until now. Going from zero to hero, ...Read More

Hot Springs. Onsen

Have you ever wondered why hot springs are such a tradition in Japan? Well, make yourself comfortable and let me take you through the history of onsen, one of Japan’s most beloved activity. For most foreigners, the hot spring is often associated with the ...Read More

Rugby World Cup 2019 Megastores

Even if you don’t have a ticket you still can enjoy the energy of RWC 2019. You can visit 16 fanzones in the 12 host cities, buy lots of souvenirs in megastores and watch matches on a giant screens. The atmosphere is amazing. Inside ...Read More