7 Tips to Climbing the Mighty Mt. Fuji

Every year, many people climb Mt. Fuji. It’s one of the main tourist attractions of Japan, and the amazing once in a lifetime scenery from the top of the volcanic mountain puts climbing it on many peoples’ bucket lists.

You may have been hiking before, climbed a few mountains before, but there are some tips to climbing a mountain like Mt. Fuji, especially for first timers.

Mt. Fuji is located about 100 kilometres southwest of Tokyo, and is Japan’s tallest peak, at 3,776 meters. There are 4 hiking trails, but on average it takes about 6.5hrs to go up, and 3.5hrs to come back down. -It’s not the easiest climb!



So, here are the tips for all of you planning or contemplating climbing Mt. Fuji!


Tip 1 ☆ Pace yourself, don’t rush in the beginning!

We tend to want to start climbing in a rush, either because you’re excited, eager to see the scenery or to get it all over with! But if we use all our energy in the beginning, we won’t have any left later! It is recommended that you start the trail at a pace that doesn’t make you run out of breath. Let’s try to remember that! 🙂


Tip 2 ☆ Toilets are busy!

There are a decent number of toilets on the Mt. Fuji trail. However, on the peak of Mt. Fuji, there can be a very long queue for the toilets. Don’t worry, the toilets that are less crowded are located beneath the peak point, so make sure you find one before you reach the top!

Tip 3 ☆ The peak point can get very crowded during sunrise/sunset

Most people aim to reach the top of Mt. Fuji in time for sunrise or sunset. For that reason, it gets very crowded toward the top of the mountain. Make sure you plan ahead, because it could take more time than you anticipated, to reach the top. You would not want to miss the sunset being stuck in a crowd of people!

Tip 4 ☆ Have something warm to wear

Planning your time is a good idea, to make sure you don’t miss the sunrise or sunset. But while you wait for the spectacular view, have something warm to wear! The peak of Mt. Fuji is Japan’s coldest location, and you will have to wait there for the sunset/sunrise, so be  very prepared! 🙂

Tip 5 ☆ Bring plenty of water, AND warm water!

You WILL get thirsty while climbing Mt. Fuji. To prevent dehydration, bring plenty of water. But also, since the temperature drops quite a bit as you reach closer to the top, you should bring a pot of warm water.

Tip 6 ☆ Protect your belongings with waterproof bags

Even if your rucksack is waterproof, make sure you put all your belongings in separate vinyl bags to protect it from condensation or rain.

Tip 7 ☆ Take a bath after you finish your climb!

Climbing Mt. Fuji is a work out. It can put a strain to your muscles, and even to mentally exhaust you! After seeing the breathtaking scenery from the top of Mt. Fuji, it’s best to finish off with a stretch and relaxing in a bath. Your body deserves a good rest and even a beer! Luckily, you are in Japan, and there are hot springs all over at your service! Soak your well worked body into the natural mineral water, while looking up at the mountain you just climbed…what a sense of satisfaction. The Japanese really know what’s up, don’t they? 🙂




We hope you enjoy your trip to Mt. Fuji!

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