11 Summer Japanese Greatness That Make You Forget the Heat!

Yes, summer in Japan can get quite hot! Japan is known for its’ distinct four seasons, all with significant qualities and ongoing cultures. Summer in Japan is an entertaining season, with much to do and experience. So don’t let the heat bring you down!

Here are a few of the many qualities of summer in Japan, that can only spice up your travels!

Hydrangeas (Asagao)

Hydrangeas have been admired since the Edo period, and is seen all throughout Japan, accompanying the most beautiful sites.

Gesshoji Shrine -Shimane

Gesshoji Shrine -Shimane

Cormorant Fishing

A traditional way of fishing, cormorant fishing has been around for over 1300 years! Master fishermen lead about a dozen trained cormorants on leashes from long wooden boats. The cormorants dive to catch fish and swallow them whole to keep in a pouch in their throat, which later are to be retrieved by the fishermen. If you are interested in this activity, join our 2 Days Nagoya Inuyama Cormorant Fishing Day Tour!

Fans (Uchiwa)

With all the beautiful art that is printed/drawn on the fans, Japanese fans (uchiwa) has been a very popular item even to foreigners since the Meiji Period. The Japanese fans are used in traditional dances, during festivals, or everyday use, as an accessory to keep cool from the heat.


Eel (Unagi)

You may feel disturbed by the thought of eating eel, but eel is a true delicatessen in Japan, and is very good! Quality eel meals can cost to around 3000yen per plate, but there are ones much cheaper. Eel is a must try summer dish!



Edamame beans have been enjoyed since the Heian Period till now, served the same way! Edamame is a simple cool, nutritious summer dish, often enjoyed as appetizers or with beer!



Swimming is an activity enjoyed since the Meiji period in Japan. Japan is an island! We all go out to the beach to swim, surf, dive, and relax.



Shaved Ice (Kakigoori)

Summer means shaved ice in the heat! Many local shops sell shaved ice with many fun flavours, and play a major role during festival season.

shaved ice


A cool summer dish enjoyed since the Muromachi Period, served the same way till this day.



Write down your wish, and hang it on bamboo! This tradition began during the Edo Period, and a custom only celebrated in Japan.


Summer Festivals! (Matsuri)

Fireworks, drinks, street food, performances, activities, all local fun in the summer breeze.


Traditional summer clothing, since the Heian Period. You know a festival is near when you see girls wearing yukatas!



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