kyoto autumn leaves

Best Autumn Leaves Spots in Kyoto

kyoto autumn leaves


kyoto autumn leaves

Photo by Jeremy Thomas

Looking for the best Instagram spots for Autumn leaves in Kyoto? Here we picked 5 most amazing places. Best time to visit is mid to late November.

1. Tofukuji Temple. Founded in 1236. This Zen Temple displays hundreds of red maple trees in the garden.

2. Enrian Temple. It is a small temple usually closed for public but during the Autumn leaves season opens its doors.

3. Eikando Zenrinji Temple. This Temple is famous for its red Autumn leaves and especially night lightening up.

4. Kodaiji Temple. One of the most popular places to visit during this time of the year. Stunning views of the Autumn leaves. Night lightening is available.

5. Gioji Temple. Small Temple in Arashiyama area. Temple’s garden is covered with green moss. Amazing views when maple trees turned red and leaves falling on the green moss.

kyoto autumn leaves

Photo by Gor Badoyan



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