Fushimi inari torii

Fushimi Inari torii

Fushimi inari torii

Being the most important shrine dedicated to the Shinto god of rice, Fushimi Inari Taisha has a history that started back in the 8th century. The famous shrine, also featured in the well-known movie “Memoirs of a geisha”, is home to 5000 vermilion torii gates well-guarded by stone foxes.
Each gate bares the hopes and aspirations of different individuals or businesses, so over the years the mountain has gained an impressive collection of luck- bringing red gates. Scattered across the path that leads up to the mountain top, stone foxes are guarding the temple. Tradition says that they can change shape, sometimes masquerading as humans. Depending on the benevolence or malevolence shown onto them, the foxes can either protect or hurt. Nevertheless, they are the messengers of Shinto kami Inari and, as Nara deer, they are worshiped and respected.

fushimi inari torii

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