japanese tea
Green tea is a traditional drink in Japan. Japanese drink tea (cha) on many occasions: with meals, during tea time or when hosting guests. Tea ceremony is the expression of tea appreciation, a social ritual. Green tea is divided into three main grades: gyokuro, the most tender, sencha and bancha.
japanese tea
 Photo by Chris Lawton
Gyokuro is a top quality tea with amazing aroma and taste. It is made from the tea leaves that grow in a shelter, covered from the direct sunlight. It. Is made with hot water cooled to 40-50°C. Sencha, the tea is made from the young tea leaves and has an excellent taste. It is made with water cooled to 60-70°C. Bancha is made from the large leaves that left after the young leaves for sencha have been picked. This tea is made with boiling water. Matcha is made by steaming and drying young tea leaves and grinding them to powder. Matcha is used in the tea ceremony. Ofukucha, tea that Japanese people are drinking at the New Year and Setsubun, the beginning of spring, to wish a good luck.
japanese tea
Matcha. Photo by Alice Pasqual

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