Momiji calendar 2019


momiji calendar

If you are visiting Japan during October and November you are lucky to experience the stunning autumn colour. Thousands of people coming to Japan during this time to admire this natural phenomenon of the nature. Momiji (red leave hunting) is a popular activity which is going back to Heian period (794-1195 AD). For the most picturesque views people usually go to the mountains, temples, shrines and parks. It is spiritually important time for the Buddhists as it reminds them that life is fleeting.

Our favourite spots

Tenryu-ji – The Unesco World Heritage site. It is a sacred Japanese Zen Buddhism Temple

Daigo-ji – Shingon Buddhist temple in Kyoto area

Minoh Park – beautiful park in Osaka area

Nikko and Mt Fuji are always a winning spot

48 Waterfalls east of Kyoto

Japan autumn

Photo by Cull & Nguyen


When to go

The season is depending on the temperature in each region. Within the last few years it been shifting towards the end of November. Below you can find a quick guidance for 2019

Kyushu from 31.10

Miyajima from 17.11

Kansai area from 24.11

Chubu from 14.10

Tohoku from 06.10

South Hokkaido from 25.10


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