Travelling with kids in Japan

Is Japan a children-friendly country? What activities can I enjoy with kids while in Japan? How exciting is Japan for my little ones?

If you are planning a trip to Japan and asked yourself some of the questions above, then this is the read for you. Here are a few suggestions of activities you can enjoy with your children when travelling to Japan.

1)      Ghibli Museum

You were probably expecting this to be on the list, as it is one of the most famous museums in Japan, especially among animation lovers. If the name of Miyazaki Hayao is somehow familiar, then you know that this museum is showcasing his work, among with the work produced by his studio. Many famous animation movies, such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away or My Neighbour Totoro were produced by Ghibli, and the museum is an amazing gallery of sketches, short videos and a reproduction of the artist’s work space. Your children will definitely enjoy the Cat Bus or the life-sized robot that appeared in the animated movie “Castle in the Sky”. Also, don’t forget to try out the themed food and sweets.

2)      Moomin Valley

The park, opened in March 2019, is a great day-trip idea for Moomin lovers. Even if you are not familiar with these lovely creatures, you will definitely enjoy the park, as it has something to offer to everybody. The attractions are spread across the park, divided into 4 zones: The Welcome Cove, the Moominvalley (main attraction area), Kokemus (the exhibition facility), and the Lonely Mountain. Children can enjoy theatre performances, the Hemulen’s Playground (a large treehouse shaped playground), the Moomin House, or the interactive exhibition facility, where large figures are displayed alongside dioramas and creative installations. Dining options are also available, as well as an impressive gift shop.

3)      Tokyo Disney Resort

Most of you probably know already that Japan is home to Disney Resort. Modelled after the park in the United States, the resort is a themed park comprised of Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, a shopping mall and multiple hotels. Visitors can enjoy 7 themed lands in each park, from the Arabian Coast or Mermaid Lagoon to Fantasyland or Adventureland. Needless to say, there’s a range of activities you can choose from, be it the thrilling rides, magic shows, the jungle cruises or the mouth-watering themed foods.

4)      Universal Studios Japan

That’s right, Japan has it all! Opened in 2001, in Osaka, the park is divided into 8 sections, each offering fun rides, roller coasters, simulators or shows and parades. And for the Harry Potter lovers out there, this is the park for you.  Just grab your wand and get ready for the best adventure of your life.

5)      Animal cafes

Spread all over Japan, these cafes are the perfect opportunity for some cuddles. From bunny cafes, dog or cat cafes, to the more unusual owl or reptile cafes, Japan is the perfect place to experience sipping a cup of hot tea, while playing with your favourite animal.

6)      TeamLAB

If this is the first time you are hearing about this place, you’re welcome! The museum was described as “Tokyo’s most Instagrammable spot “, and it sure is. The digital art museum is a huge space immersed in light displays. Children, and adults equally, can enjoy not only the light show, but also the interactive spaces, such as the trampoline area, the climbing area, or the floating nest. Words would not do it justice, so I will stop here, leaving you with the following tip: don’t forget to touch the walls, the bunnies might look at you.

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