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Black ink calligraphy
Learn the art of Japanese calligraphy. This is the area of the Japanese culture which created "hiragana" and "katakana" from Chinese kanji. You will create a traditional liquid ink from the ink stick ..
from £ 67
Japanese flower arrangement
Ikebana is a traditional Japanese flower arrangement  which embodies simplicity and sophistication. Flowers will be changed depending on the season. Learn  the art of Ikebana from the teache..
from £ 85
Kimono wearing
Learn how  to wear traditional Japanese kimono. Ladies will be dressed for formal occasions in a  graceful kimono while gentlemen will wear kimono and hakama. Once you will be fully dressed ..
from £ 78
Kyoto Kimono Experience & Gion Walking Tour
This is an incredible experience you will remember for years. Spice up your trip to Japan, with a stroll through Gion, wearing a kimono (or yukata in summer). Note:Kimono rental is available for peop..
from £ 120
Kyoto Maiko Dinner
Enjoy a 15-20-minute dance performance, executed by a Maiko girl (an apprentice Geisha). You will be served a delicious Kyoto Kaiseki style dinner. Before leaving, feel free to take photos with the Ma..
from £ 75
Origami and Furoshiki cloth wrapping
Origami is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The meaning of this art is to transform flat sheet of paper into the sculpture through the folding  without using glue or scissors. Furoshi..
from £ 55
Panoramic Tokyo
Enjoy Japan's culture and nature with this Panoramic Tokyo tour. Visit famous  Meiji Shrine, the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, and Senso-ji Temple as well as futuristic Odaiba.Take a Tokyo..
from £ 80
Sumo Morning Training Watch
Sumo wrestling is Japan's national sport and a national obsession.The locations of the stable you will visit will be informed 1 week prior to departure. TimeDescriptionMeals07:45Pick up from your hote..
from £ 108
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