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Experience Kendo, a Japanese traditional martial art that is still a great part of Japanese culture since the 17th century.

Kendo is a sport like physical activity that descends from sword fighting. Now, instead of swords, bamboo swords are used, accompanied with protective armour covering the head to lower body.

During, you can experience the actual sport of Kendo, view the armour factory, and even enjoy a traditional Samurai meal! This is a truly rich opportunity, where you can experience Japanese culture first hand through martial arts.

View your options for this tour:

[1] Kendo Experience

With guidance from a English speaking experienced instructor, learn the basic skills of Kendo and using the armour. You will be provided by various Kendo techniques and encounters that will make your first Japan trip a memorable one!

Highlights: SAMURAI culture instruction, equipment rental, guidance and demonstration, tournament style combat game

[2] Kendo Armour Factory Tour

The armour suit used in Kendo, called "bogu" has been passed on through generations for centuries. A guide with 20 years of Kendo experience, will bring you through the art and principles of the craft, at a traditional armour workshop where the artistry has been passed on in the family for generations. This is the background to where the "Samurai Spirit" began!

Highlights: Guidance on Samurais and Kendo, armour crafting demonstration, Q&A session with the master craftsman, Kendo merchandise and goods

[3] Special Meal at Kendo Restaurant

Have a Samurai style meal at the one and only Kendo themed izakaya (restaruant/bar) in Japan. The restaurant is created in a dojo style atmosphere, with a corner displaying Samurai armour and Kendo goods. The restaurant includes a "Special Samurai Meal" in the menu so you can experience a true  Samurai cuisine!

Highlights: Photo corner, Special Samurai Meal, Kendo goods, Kendo videos and movies

Pricing (Including Equipment Rental)
Option [1] + [2] + [3] ...£138.00/pp (minimum 2 people, includes equipment rental)
Option [1] ...£92/pp (minimum 2 people, includes equipment rental)
Option [1] + [3] ...£115/pp (minimum 2 people,  includes equipment rental)

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