Mount Fuji Climbing Tour From SHINJUKU Plan

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[Assisted] 2 days:  

The season for climbing Mt. Fuji is only from early July to mid September.
Enjoy the full excitement of climbing Mt. Fuji, the highest mountains in Japan with our mountain guide.
An English-speaking climbing guide and tour conductor will accompany you throughout the tour.
The tour will proceed at a slow pace and take moderate breaks. 

Included in this tour:

☑ 1 night stay at a Mountain hut(original 8th station) 

☑ 2 meals included.※Vegetarian menu also available! Please let us know in advance if you need.

☑ Collateral traveler's insurance included.

Day 107:30 AM
Departure from Shinjuku (Gathering at 07:00 am)
↓<Metropolitan Expressway, Chuo Expressway>
11:00 AM
Arrive at Yoshida Route 5th Station
12:00 PM
Start to climb from 5th Station of Yoshida Entrance
06:00 PM
Arrive at Mountain hut at Original 7th or 8th Station
(Dinner & stay overnight )
Day 202:30 AM

Departure from Mountain hut and start the climb
04:00 AM
Arrive at the top of Mt. Fuji!
07:00 AM
Arrive at the Mountain hut and have breakfast
08:00 AM
Depart from Mountain hut and start to climb down
11:00 AM
Arrive at Yoshida entrance of 5th Station
12:00 PM
Depart from Yoshida entrance of 5th Station
01:30 PM
Lunch break! Take lunch at own expense or break at a hot springs bath etc. (Around 90 mins)
Arrival at Shinjuku


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