Buddhist Training at Koyasan Shukubo/RENGEJOIN [Wakayama]

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Stay in temple lodgings at Mt. Koya (Koyasan) - a World Cultural Heritage site!

You will be served Buddhist vegetarian meals for dinner and breakfast, participate in the AJIKAN' Zen-like Buddhist practices in the morning.

An English speaking monk will assist you during your stay.

Included in this tour:

☑ One dinner and one breakfast

☑ 2 Day Rail Pass

Date Description Meals
Day 1 Go to Namba Station(Nankai Line) by self. Please exchange 2 day rail pass at the ticket counter at Namba Station 
by train ⇒ Gokuraku-bashi station 
by cable car ⇒ Koyasan station 
by bus ⇒ Isshin-guchi stop (Rengejoin) 15:00~ Check in 17:30 
AJIKAN "Zen meditation" 18:30 Dinner
Day 2 6:00 Morning ritual 7:00 Breakfast 9:00 Check out Isshin-guchi stop (Rengejoin) ⇒ (bus) ⇒ Koyasan station ⇒ (cable car) ⇒ Gokuraku-bashi station ⇒ (train) ⇒ Namba station

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