A Pacific archipelago paradise, Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost prefecture and is fiercely proud of its original culture and dialogue. Home to pristine white sands turquoise water beaches, Okinawa is the perfect escape for those who want a break from Japan’s busy city life, with Churaumi Aquarium, once the largest aquarium in the world with tanks big enough to support fully grown Whale Sharks and Manta Rays its main attraction.

A mixture of Okinawan and American cultures. The remains of the Ryukyu Kingdom are very popular with Japanese tourists. The main island has been strongly influenced by the United States and is the origin of 'Chanpuru' (mixture) culture, a unique blend of cultures including Okinawan and American.

Naha is the centre of Chanpuru culture. At night the city area resonates with an accompaniment of countless music genres, as many live music venues compete with each other, playing various types of music such as American Rock, J-pop, Oldies and Shima-uta (island songs).

Another characteristic of central Okinawa is the abundance of historical remains. They include the remains of Katsuren Castle in Uruma, inscribed as a World Heritage Site, the remains of Zakimi Castle in Yomitan-son Village, as well as the remains of Nakagusuku Castle in Nakagusuku-son/Kita-Nakagusuku-son villages, show you how Okinawa was once a proud island trading nation. 

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Japan 3 Wishes Tour [Okinawa, Tokyo, Kyoto]
[Self-Guided] 10 days.  South of mainland Japan are the tropical islands of Okinawa. Famous for their white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and all-year-round flowers in bloom, Okinawa has lo..
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Okinawa Festival Retreat
[Self-guided] 5 days:Take a trip to Japan and appreciate the culture of the Pacific Island paradise of Okinawa. Stay in a 4-star seaside hotel with spectacular views of the ocean and conveniently loca..
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All in One Tour [Hong Kong, Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto, Okinawa]
[Self-Guided] 13 days Start your trip with two nights in Hong Kong, a country with a rich mixture of Chinese and British culture. From there, travel to the most important places in Japan to learn..
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