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Yakushima Trekking (Yakusugi Land or Shiratani Unsui Ravine)
Yakushima is the ultimate destination for nature lovers. With wildlife and trails through cedar forests, Yakushima is home to trees over 1000~7000 years old. Your private guide will take you to an ext..
from £ 130
Hida Cooking Class [Gifu]
Learn the local Hida Furukawa dishes while cooking and eating!The place called ‘Hida Furukawa' is surrounded by mountains so there are many fresh ingredients to make healthy dishes. You will learn to ..
from £ 55
Traditional Japanese Gardener Experience [Gifu]
“The only gardener experience in Japan”Japanese gardens are one of the most globally reckognised of Japanese traditions, but it is not easy to replicate. Taking care of Japanese gardens is skilled wor..
from £ 85
Mt. Fuji & Hakone Full Day Tour by Motorcoach [Hakone]
Mt. Fuji is the most popular mountain in Japan. You can drive up to the highest possible point and enjoy various viewpoints on the Hakone sky gondola (ropeway) and cruise boats. Hakone is an idea..
from £ 125
Kyoto Morning Tour [Kyoto]
Experience Kyoto's 1,200 year history as Japan's capital from 794 to 1868. Visit Nijo Castle, the residence of the Tokugawa era shoguns, and marvel at the gold-leaf covered Golden Pavilion, which hous..
from £ 55
Day Tour of Nikko World Heritage Site [Nikko]
This guided bus tour to Nikko includes visits to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Tamozawa Imperial Villa (or Rinnoji Temple Treasure Hall and Shoyo-en Garden) and Kirifuri Falls. Nikko is an ideal additional de..
from £ 135
Tea Ceremony Experience in Tokyo [Tokyo]
Experience a truly authentic Japanese culture; the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a choreographic ritual of serving green tea, also known as matcha.Learn all about the tea ceremony from an English-..
from £ 45
Buddhist Training at Koyasan Shukubo/RENGEJOIN [Wakayama]
Stay in temple lodgings at Mt. Koya (Koyasan) - a World Cultural Heritage site! You will be served Buddhist vegetarian meals for dinner and breakfast, participate in the AJIKAN' Zen-like Buddhist pra..
from £ 155
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