Customer Testimonials

We have enjoyed a comprehensive tour of Kyushu. It’s a very beautiful island and we feel that we have savoured the best it has to offer. A major contribution to our safety, comfort and enjoyment was our bus driver. He was unfailingly courteous, helpful and reliable. We admired his professional skill and we felt safe and secure in his capable hands. His driving was a model of all what is best. We are grateful to him and we wish him well in the future. Our guide worked without reservation to ensure that we maximized our holiday enjoyment. We marvelled at her dedication. She worked from early morning to late evening and was always planning ahead to smooth our way. She was informative, friendly and very good company. She kept us fully informed on the history, culture and sociology of Japan. We learnt a great deal from her and she was always happy to answer our questions. She is dedicated and tireless in her commitment to the enjoyment and well being of her clients. She became our friend and we will remember her with fondness. A good guide makes a real contribution to the success of the holiday. Heidi is exceptional and we benefited from her dedication and hard work. We commend her for her work and we are very grateful. We congratulate the people who drew up the itinerary and we are happy to report that our tour of Kyushu was a resounding success.
H.M., Ireland
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