Natural Beauty of Japan [Kyushu -Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Beppu]

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[Self-Guided] 10 days

No.1 Japan Travel is pleased to offer this unique tour to Kyushu - a side of Japan not seen by many visitors - where you can enjoy history, tradition and nature, all found in the bustling modern cities that form the island.

The tour starts in Fukuoka, one of the most cosmopolitan and internationalised cities in Japan, worth visiting for its contemporary architecture, delicious local ramen (egg noodles in broth) and vibrant nightlife.

Your second stop is Nagasaki, a port city that spreads all the way up along the steep slope of a mountain and is surrounded by the beautiful Nagasaki Bay. Despite the tragic eventsthat took place during World War II, Nagasaki has plenty of activities, state-of-the-art museums, delicious food, and natural beauty for you to enjoy. 

Next, travel on the high-speed Bullet Train to the city of Kagoshima, an old castle town that is often called ''Naples of the Orient'', because of the city's bright sunshine, blue sky and beautiful ocean. Take a ferry trip to admire the spectacular active volcano Sakurajima.

Another must-see is Kumamoto and its castle, famous for its curved stonewalls known as musha-gaeshi, designed to prevent enemy attack. Suizenji jojuen Garden is unique for its unusually large-scale design featuring models of Mt. Fuji, Lake Biwa and other outstanding landscapes of Japan.

Continue on to the largest hot spring resort in Western Japan - Beppu. Hot spring bathing is a common pastime for the Japanese, and you can experience this pleasure at your traditional inn later in the evening.

Finally take a train to Fukuoka; from here either fly back to the UK or continue your journey to Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo, exploring more of the most famous sightseeing destinations of Japan.

Your hotels will be ideally located to give you easy access to any of the sites you wish to visit. Make the most of your trip using the JR Kyushu Rail Passes giving you unlimited travel on all Kyushu Japan Rail network.

Included in this tour:

☑ Daily departure **Please note that prices for the tours will be higher during 19th June-31st August and from 1st December onwards due to high season. Please contact us to discuss your options

☑ Accommodation as detailed in the itinerary sharing twin/double rooms

☑ 2 dinners

☑ Breakfast daily

☑ 5-day All Kyushu Area Pass and 3-day Northern Kyushu Area Pass

☑ As with all our packages we can add, subtract, or modify this package to suit your individual needs and make your perfect holiday

Depart Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London Heathrow or Bristol Airport. 
Arrive to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. 
There is no need to go through any Immigration formalities or collect your bags, as they are checked through all the way to Japan. You merely have to follow the signs to your next departure gate. 
Depart Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
On board
Day 1Arrive toFukuoka Airport.
Make your own way to your hotel by subway (6 minutes, payable locally). Free time in Fukuoka. 
Accommodation in Fukuoka
On board
Day 2Check out. Use your 5-day All Kyushu JR Pass to travel to Nagasaki by direct Limited express train (journey time 2 hours). Visit Nagasaki Peace Park, the nation's oldest wooden Christian church, Oura Tenshu-do and Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture. 
Accommodation in Nagasaki
Day 3Free time in Nagasaki.

Why not take a boat trip to Hashima -a deserted island located 9 miles of the coast of Nagasaki and nicknamed Battleship Island. Its silhouette is uncannily similar with that of a Japanese military ship. The island became famous after appearing in James Bond's Skyfall. Ferry tickets with English audio guide are available from GBP36.

Accommodation in Nagasaki
Day 4Check out. Use your JR Pass to transfer to Kagoshima by trains (1 change, journey time 3 hours). 
Take a ferry trip and admire the spectacular active volcano Sakurajima.
Accommodation in Nagasaki
Day 5Free time in Kagoshima.
We recommend taking a train to local Ibusuki, a famous resort area in Kyushu, to experience the steaming-hot sand baths. You put on a yukata robe (cotton summer kimono), lay in a warm sand pit and are gradually being covered with volcanic sand up to your neck. The sand is heated by a natural steam, which is coming from the underneath. The weight and heat of the sand helps blood circulation and after ten minutes the whole body begins to perspire. After the procedure, which takes 10 to 20 minutes, you wash the sand off your skin and enter theregular hot spring baths.
Accommodation in Kagoshima
Day 6Check out. Use your JR pass to transfer to Kumamoto by direct train. Free time in Kumamoto. Visit Kumamoto Castle and Suizenji jojuen Garden, being unique for its unusually large-scale design, featuring models of Mt. Fuji, Lake Biwa and other outstanding scenes in Japan. 
Accommodation in Kumamoto
Day 7Check out. Use your 3-day Northern Kyushu JR pass to transfer to Beppu by direct train (journey time 3 hours). In the evening, enjoy a traditional Japanese style dinner Breakfast & Dinner and you may wish to try the natural hot spring (onsen) at your ryokan. 
Stay in Beppu at Yuya Ryokan(Traditional Japanese Inn)
Breakfast Dinner
Day 8Free time in Beppu. You shouldn't miss visiting The Eight Hells (Jigoku) volcanic hot spring sites. 
Stay in Beppu at Yuya Ryokan(Traditional Japanese Inn)
Breakfast Dinner
Day 9Check out. Use your JR pass to transfer to Fukuoka by trains (1 change; journey time 2 hours). 
Accommodation in Fukuoka
Day 10Check out. Make your way by subway to Fukuoka Airport, using the subway (small fee payable locally). 
Depart Fukuoka Airport on KLM at 10:25 Arrive Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at 15:05 
Depart Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. 
Arrive at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London Heathrow or Bristol Airport.

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