Portable WiFi

H.I.S. WiFi Router Rental


FeesPortable WIFI with DATA LIMIT of 7GB £5.5 per day

Portable WIFI with UNLIMITED DATA USAGE £7 per day

Mobile Router Information

・WiFi case
・USB charger cable

【Mobile Wifi Router Product Type】 
◇There are two types of WiFi, but it can not be specified by choice.
 Please find the attachment file for instructions. 
 (We will send the WiFi with the instructions to your hotel you will be staying.)

【Reception in Japan】 
◇WiFi uses softbank's communication line which is covered throughout Japan, except in very rural areas. For example, the WiFi will not have clear reception around Mt. Fuji and Hakone areas.

【Multiple Line Connection】 
◇The Wifi can hold up to 9 lines, but the access speed will be extremely slow.

The Process from Rent to Return

<How to Rent>
We will send the WiFi package to the hotel you will be staying, a day 
prior to check in. Please ask the front desk for your WiFi package when you arrive.

<How to Return>
Please return the WiFi package by using the enclosed self-addressed envelope, and 
dropping it off at a nearby post office or mailbox.
If you drop the WiFi pack off at mail box, please fold the package in half as shown in the picture.

Important Notice

  • The WiFi package is only available for renting over 6 days.
  • In case of lost or damage, there will be a charge of £250.

TEL: +44 (0)20 7484 3328
EMAIL: english.uk@his-world.com

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